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A clock locale contains the information required to format and parse dates. The defaults have been chosen to match US English. A clock locale object can be provided to format() methods or parse functions (like year_month_day_parse()) to override the defaults.


clock_locale(labels = "en", decimal_mark = ".")



[clock_labels / character(1)]

Character representations of localized weekday names, month names, and AM/PM names. Either the language code as string (passed on to clock_labels_lookup()), or an object created by clock_labels().



Symbol used for the decimal place when formatting sub-second date-times. Either "," or ".".


A "clock_locale" object.


#> <clock_locale>
#> Decimal Mark: .
#> <clock_labels>
#> Weekdays: Sunday (Sun), Monday (Mon), Tuesday (Tue), Wednesday (Wed),
#>           Thursday (Thu), Friday (Fri), Saturday (Sat)
#> Months:   January (Jan), February (Feb), March (Mar), April (Apr), May
#>           (May), June (Jun), July (Jul), August (Aug), September
#>           (Sep), October (Oct), November (Nov), December (Dec)
#> AM/PM:    AM/PM
clock_locale(labels = "fr")
#> <clock_locale>
#> Decimal Mark: .
#> <clock_labels>
#> Weekdays: dimanche (dim.), lundi (lun.), mardi (mar.), mercredi (mer.),
#>           jeudi (jeu.), vendredi (ven.), samedi (sam.)
#> Months:   janvier (janv.), février (févr.), mars (mars), avril (avr.), mai
#>           (mai), juin (juin), juillet (juil.), août (août),
#>           septembre (sept.), octobre (oct.), novembre (nov.),
#>           décembre (déc.)
#> AM/PM:    AM/PM